Hacking The Human: SE Basics

August 17, 2016
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Welcome to the landing page for my SE Foundations series titled "Hacking the Human: Social Engineering Basics".

SE is very relative so this series aims to give you an introduction to some of the most fundamental elements to help get you started; it's not a playbook or guide but rather a basic overview that you should work other techniques and theories into. The 4th post on Acting and Basic Intel Gathering will likely take you some time to master but you can continue reading on without missing much - just be sure to get out there and practice!

  1. Perspectivism and Inner Story
  2. Wearing Masks
  3. Character Building/Story Telling
  4. Acting + Intel Gathering
  5. Guerrilla Intel Gathering
  6. Forcing Attraction/Trust
  7. Change/Coherence and OODA Loop
  8. Conclusion: Abusing OODA

Here's a quick breakdown of the topics covered in each post:

  1. Nietzsche's Perspectivism, The Thomas Theorem, 32nd law of power, abusing self interest and our "inner story"
  2. Wearing masks, selling fake identities, and the associated dangers
  3. Dan Harmon's story telling series, increasing appearances/perceived status with stories, TED talk examples/breakdowns about "nothing" and being a "thought leader"
  4. Stanislavski's “method acting” and intel gathering via people watching/roleplay
  5. Advanced people watching, elicitation, perception training, OSINT and abusing the information age
  6. Using Dr Aron's method of mutual vulnerabilty to foster closeness and building rapport/mirroring
  7. Change, coherence, Boyd's OODA loop, and understanding intuition, learning, and decision making through OODA and Klein/Kahneman's study
  8. Abusing OODA, intuition, learning, and decision making
August 17, 2016
#Foundations Series #Social Engineering #Manipulation #Persuasion #Beginner |
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